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Dimitri Mais is a Brooklyn-based artist photographer, with a background in fine arts and a passion for creative expression. Educated at an art school in his hometown of Tbilisi, Georgia, Mais has a trained eye for composition and light.  His infatuation with visual art has shaped his style to be a stunning leap into the art of photojournalism, molding images that are vulnerable and raw,  With the ability to adapt to any environment, Dimitri has a knack for creating bold, polished images that fit the unique needs of clients in both creative and professional fields.

Dimitri aims to preserve the magic in everyday life, transforming the ephemeral into the eternal. His distinguished black and white portraits evoke the spirit of the ‘40s and ‘50s fashion photography, while his color works capture more vibrant, bold images with rich color palette and intimate expressions.

Recent Clients:

Gestalt Interactive.
Downtown Magazine.
Museum of Jewish Heritage.
NewGreen Movement.
Exocet Jeans.
Stone by DL.
Geo Create Solutions.
Adobe Systems.

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